Make it 24oz +$1.00        Add Boba +$0.50

Black Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.00    Cold 3.25/w milk 3.5 

Helps to prevent & knock out viruses, cuts the risk of cancer, lower total cholesterol levels & helps raise HDL (good) cholesterol.

Green Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.00    Cold 3.25/w milk 3.5

Burns calories, reduces body fat, high antioxidants, and protects the skin by improving the elastic tissues, lower blood pressure & heart problems.

Oolong Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.00   Cold 3.25/w milk 3.50

Antioxidants, increases metabolism, promote heart health, lower blood pressure; treats skin disorders & prevent tooth decay.

Rose Green Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75/w milk 4.00

Rose Black Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75/w milk 4.00

Builds strong immune system, strengthens the digestive system & the detoxification of the urinary tracts & kidneys.

Earl Grey Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50    Cold 3.75/w milk 4.00

Flavored black tea blend with oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange.  It's one of the most popular and best known kinds of tea in the Western world.

Chai Tea Latte : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75

Spices milk tea from India. The spices in Chai supports various body systems, improves circulation and immune system functioning, increases mental clarity & general mood enhancement.

Lavender Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75/w milk 4.00

Improves sleep quality, promotes relaxation, soothes headache. Lavender also is a powerful allergen; avoid ingesting lavender during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Osmanthus Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75/ w milk 4.00

Osmanthus Oolong Tea/w Milk : Hot 3.50   Cold 3.75/ w milk 4.00

Cassia flower infused green tea leaves. Provides radiant skin & improve the appearance of skin tone.

Chrysanthemum Tea : Hot 3.00   Cold 3.25

Made from chrysanthemum flowers, caffeine free.  Helps to aid digestion, prevent sore throat, relieve eyes dryness and itching, strengthen the lungs & relieve head congestion.

Honey Lemon Tea : Hot 3.00   Cold 3.25

Effective in the treatment of strep throat, stomach aches, cold & flu symptoms, rich in Vitamins (Vitamins C & B6), minerals and others.


Matcha Milk Tea : Hot 3.75   Cold 4.00

Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves. The concentration of the antioxidant EGCG available from drinking matcha is up to 137 times greater than the amount of EGCG available from other commercially available green teas. Builds strong immune system, strengthens the digestive system & the detoxification of the urinary tracts & kidneys.
Almond Milk Tea :  Hot 3.75   Cold 4.00
Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E, containing 24 mg per 100 g. Also rich in monounsaturated fat, one of the two "good" fats responsible for lowering LDL cholesterol. improves complexion, improves movement of food through the colon and the prevention of cancer.

Mango Green Tea : Cold 3.75

Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients. The fruit pulp is high in prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols and provitamin A carotenoids. Mango contains pigments that may have antioxidant properties.

Raspberry Black Tea : Cold 3.75

Raspberry Green Tea : Cold 3.75

Raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength. They contain a rich source of vitamin C. Medical research shows likely benefit of regularly consuming raspberries against inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, age-related cognitive decline, and degeneration of eyesight with aging

Pomegranate Tea : Cold 3.50

Pomegranate provides about 16% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement per 100 ml serving, and is a good source of vitamin B5, potassium and antioxidant polyphenols to reduce blood pressure.

Thai Iced Tea : Cold 3.75

Thai tea made from blended black tea leaves, orange flowers & spices with strong floral and spiced flavor.

Fruits Tea : Hot 4.25 Cold 4.25

Variety fruits infuse with black tea.  Delicious taste with strong fruits and fragrant scented.

Four Freeze 16oz
Matcha Freeze $3.75
Mocha Freeze $3.75
Taro Freeze $3.75
Strawberry Freeze $3.75
Almond Freeze $3.75
Mango Freeze $3.75
Banana Freeze $3.75
Red Bean Freeze $3.50 
Chocolate Freeze $3.50
Banana & Chocolate Freeze $3.75
Espresso Bar
Espresso Solo 1.50
Espresso Doppio 2.00
Espresso Macchiato 3oz 2.50    
House Coffee 16oz 1.50 16oz 1.75 24oz 2.75
Caffe Americano 2.50 2.75 3.75
Caffe Latte 3.50 3.50 4.50
Caffe Mocha 3.75 3.75 4.75
Cappuccino 3.50    
Hot Chocolate 2.50    

* Choice of soy milk +$0.50     Add a shot of espresso +$0.50